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I have a track record of being dedicated, inclusive, and bringing positive vision to reality. As your council member I will do the necessary work to create success. Here are my five priorities for Morro Bay. I hope you’ll join me in creating Morro Bay’s best future!



Like you, I’m concerned about multiple infrastructure needs. These include sustainably supplying healthy water to our city, improving and maintaining our streets, and creating clean energy options. This means that I support the proposed water reclamation facility, the community choice energy program, and prioritizing street improvements. As a longtime resident of Morro Bay, I also know there is a history of financial struggle. I’m committed to infrastructure solutions that are fiscally responsible and take our most economically fragile residents into account.


I want to attract jobs and local businesses that will improve our city and the quality of our residents’ lives. Tourism is a major economic asset, but we cannot have all our eggs in one basket. I will work to build local and regional collaboration that promotes tourism while expanding into other areas of local business, especially those that honor our clean coast and rich history.

Clean Coast

Our coastal address is our way of life, and an economic asset. It’s my priority to maintain what we love about the coast while sharing it in a way that brings economic benefit. By keeping our beaches, ocean, bay, and estuary clean, and meeting modern EPA standards with our sewer effluent, we can ensure that current and future generations reap the benefits of our natural beauty and our economic prosperity.



Safe, clean housing needs to be accessible to everyone, from young families to working professionals to senior citizens. This means prioritizing our consideration of density, workforce housing, and solving homelessness. I look forward to evaluating our housing shortage realistically and developing creative solutions to ensure every resident can be housed with dignity.


Every Voice Heard

Morro Bay’s diversity is a large reason why it’s a special place. I recognize and affirm our differences across age, race, gender, income, and other differences. I welcome diversity of opinion and know that the people of Morro Bay have a collective desire to live in a welcoming community. It’s one of my top priorities to have every resident to feel heard and valued as an important component of our vibrant city.

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