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Dawn’s Pledge to Morro Bay


If elected to the Morro Bay City Council, I will…
  • Preserve our unique coastal lifestyle while addressing our challenges
  • Strike a balance between what our community needs and what we can afford
  • Promote win-win solutions and make space for all voices


I’m committed to infrastructure solutions that are fiscally responsible and take our most economically fragile residents into account.

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I want to attract jobs and local businesses that will improve our city and the quality of our residents’ lives.

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Clean Coast

It’s my priority to maintain what we love about the coast while sharing it in a way that brings economic benefit.

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Safe, clean housing needs to be accessible to everyone, from young families to working professionals to senior citizens.

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Every Voice Heard

I recognize and affirm our differences across age, race, gender, income, and other differences.

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Help me work toward building a thriving & vibrant Morro Bay.

What the Community is Saying


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